4” LED type dot-matrix characters. 7x5 Matrix, 10mm LED/dot.
5 characters for train-no and 20/25 characters for Train name.
5 class columns with 3” RED/GREEN indicators for status.
Can display up to eight trains at a time.
Train no/name and Status Programmable/editable through PC.
Database to hold train-numbers and names.
Good indoor daylight visibility.
SMPS based power supply, 180-260VAC supply.
MS powder coated CRCA Cabinet.
Windows based user friendly software.
Practically zero maintenance system.
digits in class to display actual qty available status.
Online ticket issuing and printing system.
3LEDs/dot for more brightness.
Online automatic update of ticket availability on issue of tickets.
Real time clock and Date display in heading.
Extra scrolling line at bottom.
Highly customizable for other applications. i.e. no of columns, characters/column, size of characters etc.
One board installed at Kalupur, Ahmedabad railway station.
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