(Standard      Executive         Desk    models)
7x21dot matrix using SMD Hi-bright RED LEDs.
Other Salient Features
Compact wearable and desk models.
300 characters non-volatile memory.
Five speeds and five intensity levels, selectable at time of message transfer.
7DOT(big) and 5DOT(small) fonts, selectable at program time.
Push button to turn ON/OFF display.
3-8 Hours working on single CR2032 Lithium Cell(S-model) / chargeable battery(E-model).
Programming through PC-232 port.
Easy to use programming software.
D-model suitable for desk use works on 230V power through PSU
DN-model suitable for networking. Networking option, 5/10/25 units works on common SMPS.
5x16dot matrix using SMD Hi-bright RED LEDs.
5DOT font.
Rest of features as above.
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