It is pleasure to introduce VITAL, as design house of electronics products and systems.

It is headed by me, an Electronics engineer from M S University of Baroda, specializing in micro-controller and applications.  We also have in-depth knowledge of various gadgets, PC, networking, CAD & peripherals. Taking advantage of our knowledge, we decided to diversify into development of electronic products in the year 1994.

VITAL Technologies was then introduced with a goal of providing turn-key solutions to various industry segments. In the initial phase we undertook design and production of few consumer items also. At the same time we focused on third-party development work, and slowly phased-out/delegated production activity. As we have successfully completed projects for various industry-segments, today we have strong hold on development of micro-controllers based products and we are a full-fledged product development house having a number of satisfied clients, direct & indirect. We have very good R&D facility and strong knowledge base.

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