This system is developed for calling Tankers parked in large parking slots. The system is day light visible under full sunlight condition. System is also weather proof for outdoor application. It can also announce pre-recorded message while inserting truck-no and bay-no b/w messages sentence. It is also possible to have upto three message lines of 6-8 seconds each and attach different messages to different lines. The last line can be made toggle to display vehicle no and time. It is also used to warn time-out trucks, as it flashes.

System works on custom software developed by client’s EDP department/agency.
Multiline Displays
2” high, 15 characters per line, 5-line display.
Characters formed in 7x5 matrix.
Super-bright 5mm LEDs gives high intensity display.
25 pages memory, 75 characters/page.
Display time settable for every page.
PC based programming software, allows to program pages & create masters.
PC not required after uploading of data.
Data uploaded by RS-232 link.
Chargeable battery back-up for data. Data Retention up to 30 days w/o repeat charging.
OPTIONS: (customized models)
1.2”/ 2” / 3” / 4” high characters.
Up to 40+ characters/line.
Expandable up to 8 or more lines.
Real Time Clock & Date display on 1st line and scrolling messages
RS-485 for placing display at larger distance.
Configurable for industrial use with PLC in plant.
Daylight visible model possible in 4” category
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