In large scale drugs manufacturing (tablets capsules etc..) industries having multiple machines and a common packaging department, synchronization of production and packaging departments is very important. Cases have come on notice that tablets were packaged in wrong strips/bottles. We have developed a system that can avoid this to happen.

Our system comprises of a bar-code reader (standard or cutomized gate type), a display system and an alarm-indication with relay output to control louder alarm/machine. The system works as explained below.

When a new drug is to be processed, the plant-in-charge (manager) informs row-material dept to load the BUNKER for that drug, and also to packing dept to select that drug on DDS display. Now when bunker is loaded, its presence is detected by DDS, then the operator is required to read the barcode-label on the bunker. In automatic system this is done automatically when bunker door is closed. This barcode is sent to DDS control system, which matches rcvd code with selected drug-code. If two codes match then system can operate i.e. alarm and relay turns off. If there is a mismatch, DDS-control gives audible alarm and relay also turn-on. The DDS also continuously detects if bunker is removed in between. The automatic system is more efficient, as it keeps on reading barcode periodically.

DDS Display specifications:
Colors Possible in RED/GREEN/TRICOLOR
2” or 4” high alphanumeric characters.
IR remote to change drug selection.
Onboard buzzer and relay output.
SMPS based power supply
High quality panel mountable SS cabinets
For economical systems, coded system with code-nos(numeric) is possible
Online system with possibility of central control & reporting, with PC based software.
Installations:         Four systems functioning at Aventis Pharma, Ankleshwar since more then 2 years.
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