Two programmable tables; one each for Mon-Fridays .and. Saturdays.
Each Table can have 40 BELL entries
Four bell types; Single – Double – Recess – Long bells
Each bell-entry can have either of four bell types
PC-software based table editing system, easy to use
Manual time-set or synchronized with PC/server, by software
Switch to turn-off Bell temporarily.
Switch for Manual BELL-ring.
Inbuilt RTC with battery backup of 5 years
BELL-relay rating: 230VAC/5A 28VDC/10A, so 230VAC type bells can also be used.
All features of TBS-SX, in addition to that Three tables, Mon-Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. each table can have up to 80 bell entries.
All features of TBS-SX & DX plus Fourth table with 80 entries for OPTION DAY, can be selected by switch on panel.
Other Options
Models with P1 Operates on AC supply only. In case power failure, stops functioning. RTC still functional inside.
Models with P2 Operates on AC supply. In case of power failure, it works on internal SMF battery (12-14Hours).
  If using 12VDC bell, that is also supported by battery.
AC / DC Type Bells: Operated through relay contacts (add-on).
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