SCI45 Clock Scrolling Display
4” High, 5 Characters, Indoor day-light visible
7x28 dot matrix using 5mm Hi-bright LEDs
Other Salient Features:
150 characters non-volatile message memory
Displays CLOCK between every repeat of message
Three auto-changing speeds for message
Easy to program using four keys
Power supply accepts 210-240V AC.
LED Colors Green/Yellow possible on request.
2” model also possible
Various other products:
TBS Time Table Bell System, also working as Master for slave clocks
Models in various functionality & with/without inbuilt USP battery
DACC Duration Alarm Chant Clock, a concept alarm clock Models with fixed chant & user recordable chant
THI Temperature & Humidity Indicators
CLOCKS 2” & 4” indoor wall clocks with LED/solid type digits
8” Outdoor/Indoor clocks with/without temperature &/or humidity indication in flip mode
A continuous development is going on. Please contact for information for new models & for better specs of above products. Also visit our website for more details at
The model numbers might be changed, to accommodate new product ranges/models.
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