Route Indicator MORI636:                     Full-matrix display with inbuilt controller.
Display - Salient Features:
6”x36” Display area, 16x96 dot matrix, 9.5mm grid, 5mm Hi-bright Yellow LEDs.
Hybrid Text & Graphics modes for best performance.
4digit Route No in steady & Route Names in endless-loop, scrolling modes.
Visibility under full daylight & sunlight,
Up to 40meter (English, full height) & 15meter (Regional, with ‘maatras’)
Black background for LEDs to make text more prominent.
Double sided glass epoxy PCBs for durability.
3mm clear front acrylic.
DC/DC converter to handle 18-32VDC input, with inbuilt spike suppressors.
Weatherproof MS powder coated cabinet, slimmer size.
Inbuilt Controller - Salient Features:
512KB memory with battery backup, expandable to 1024KB.
Stores 250 route names comprising of Sr. No, Route No, Route Name-English & Route Name-Regional (Gujarati).
Each route name can be up to 50characters (English + Regional).
16x2 character LCD and 16 button versatile keypad on back panel.
Routes generated on PC using special software.
Routes selectable by keying in Sr.No. & Route.No., using scroll mode (Prev./Next).
Option to connect auxiliary Route Indicator on 2nd RS232 port.
19200BPS high speed data transfers.
Login Security with password.
Automatic Brightness control.
Remembers last route No.
Optional features:
Ethernet / GSM modem / USB connectivity
Networking optional (available).
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